eBook:School Finance (Discuss in American Education: a wise set of reference)

School Finance (Discuss in American Education: a wise set of reference)

Education of school children in America has always been and will always be a hot topic. What should be taught how to care for education on how to pay to maintain the safety of children in schools, caused passionate debate and fungi, both within the scientific community and the public. This volume in point / counterpoint debate questions reference series on American education system raises the issue of school funding. Fifteen to twenty chapters are questions as diverse as the fees, schools charger, equity vs. sufficiency, mandates and federal funding, merit pay for teachers and local property tax revenues and even more. Each chapter begins with an introduction by the editors of the volume by the point / counterpoint article written and signed by invited experts followed, and concludes with further reading and resources, and provides readers with a view of multiple pages financial problems with American schools and shows more resources to more exploratio

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