eBook:Milady Esthetician Series: Lasers and Light Therapy

Milady Esthetician Series: Lasers and Light Therapy

Laser and light therapy is the first of its kind and offers a unique approach to science and technology systems, and laser light. The reader will be exposed to all aspects of this specialized field that you work in a medical spa, day spa or clinic. This book is designed to address areas of facial hair removal and skin rejuvenation / body of a novice conceptual practical hands-on application. Detailed information on treatment protocols from the initial consultation and skin care in selecting the appropriate cosmetic device delivery technology examines laser / light. Management of client objectives and maximizing the results of any treatment is so important for the reader. How does one obtain knowledge about this exciting specialty, the selection and acquisition of the appropriate cosmetic device is also discussed in detail. Business and marketing strategies are provided to guide the reader int

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